Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The tides are changing

Well 2010 came and went. Some things were good, some were bad. What else is new?

Our family has been looking for our beautiful niece Tiarra Nicole for many years and the day after Christmas she was found. It was truly a Grand Christmas present. Things happen in mysterious ways and in their own time. What a great end to the year!

My Arts & Crafts business was a trip. The starting of it to now seems like years but it hasn't been. I've learned a lot just by doing it. Again, some good - some bad. Two things I learned: I will never, ever, ever do another 1st annual anything and I wont do a show where I have to get a hotel.. Forget that headache. Not worth it to me. Another thing I found out is I still love making jewelry. I love the other Crafts I do but there's just nothing like making jewelry. I know one thing, when you love to do something so much, you just can't stop. So, the stuff starts piling up and ya have to either give it away, sell it or donate it. :) All are fine with me.

I also purchased a Tumbler for twisted copper and silver.. What an amazing addition to my jewelry technique.. Oh what fun I am having with this. I remember when I first started making jewelry, I was so intimidated by wire work, now I can't get enough when my hands will let me. The arthritis is really bad, so It's not as easy as beading.

Another thing I can't wait for it all the paper crafts I've been dying to do. Like Halloween, Valentines Day and Christmas Paper Bags, Cards, Decorations, Etc,.. I'm stoked.

This is all great therapy for me in this battle again Fybromyalgia. It's the thing that keeps me from going crazy, besides the awesom people in my life.

Thanks again to my awesome friend Lisa Kewish, who has inspired my wire working art. You rock Lisa!!

Well, time to go and create, until next time................................ ;)

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  1. I am sitting here catching up on all the blogs I subscribe to...feeling weary by all the advice and ponderings...I plowed through.

    And here at the end of YOUR thanks to me!

    Wow. are a gracious and lovely woman...and when the dust of my life settles a bit...I have more to show you! ;)