Monday, January 24, 2011

The Surf VerBoom Fundraiser Post

I have learned in my lifetime, that all the things I thought were really big, are so very very small. This little guy is 2 years old and has Stage 4 Kidney Cancer.

I check my email everyday, checking for sales on this, or a joke about that. But a few days after the New Year I recieved an email about Little Surf VerBoom. He's not well with a very serious Cancer. I was floored!! All those little things I was worried about seemed like nothing compared to this!!!

I sat their on the couch crying about it thinking: I wish there was something I could do? Why him God?? Why not me?? I'll take it!!

I know I can't change what Surf has but there is something I can do!! Have a fundraiser to help this family get through this very difficult time. What I really want is for people to just show up. You don't even have to come in. JUST SHOW UP~!!! Be supportive. Show you care!!

We are very hopeful for a BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC TURN OUT!! It's for such a good cause.

Please commit to one day, Feb 19th, Billcos in Napa at 1234 3rd St, 1-6pm

There is going to be Free Pool Playing, Live Music, Great food, Bake Sale, Silent Auction and a wonderful Raffle!!

Can you commit? Can you help?

If you can, thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the bottom of Surf's heart. <3

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