Thursday, November 18, 2010

Freakin Etsy, Artfire, etc,.. are Thorns in my Side!!

Thanks :)

Here's my gripe:

Making my jewelry is the easy part, I love that more than words can say.. If that's all I could do all day long I'd be in heaven.
You make so much jewelry, what to do with it? Give it away - Yes of course, on Birthdays, give to Fundraisers, To people I love for no reason at all, donate it.. No Problem.. Then, the one thing I hate: Selling it!!!

Here's why:
1.) Taking pictures of it.. I hate taking pictures,, so, I've got to take all this time to take a really fancy picture, make sure it's all pretty and perfect and looks inviting..
What a bleep!!!

2.) Writing a really good description.. OMG,, this is the worst!! ... Let's say, I have just made a really cute pair of red earrings, with heart shaped beads... Well, that's what I want to say on my Etsy listing: Really cute red earrings with heart shaped beads... PERIOD.. Well, that don't get it, you have to say something like: Rosy Red Gorgeous luscious Earrings with Beaded Hearts, She will love you forever with these I LOVE YOU Earrings!! BARF!!! I freaking hate this stuff!!

3.) Then, the dreaded: Listing it... I truly don't know a thing about Etsy. Artfire, etc,.. There's all these little tricks of the trade that I need to know but don't know how to figure it out. I guess sitting in front of my computer everyday, all day long for about 2 weeks would do. Hey, do they have a school for learning Etsy???? I would go if they did.. This is so frustrating!!

4.) Pricing: GRRRRRR,, OK,, so I have to add material used, pay myself whatever I think is fair, add in electricity used for the amount of time it took to make the item, My office cost money so I have to throw that in... the packaging, bubble wrap, shipping, gas for car, wear and tear, etc,.... OMG!!! What a bleep!!

5.) Figuring out Shipping Prices.... Heck, I don't know...

6.) Then, the dreaded feedback,, Feedback is good,, but trying to get people to leave feedback is weird,, I never had a problem on eBay, but for some reason, even as a buyer, the seller forgets to leave feedback.. whatever!!!

7.) Promoting your items,,, Twitter, Facebook, Handmade Forums, Website... etc,.... Oh man, can it just be easy??? Please????????????

I wish I could find someone who could help me and share everything with me.. That would be so cool to have a crafting buddy to help me with my descriptions...

Anyhow, I really really love my blog because I get to vent.. .Sometimes you need to vent to let all the frustration go..


  1. You have found someone. At least when it comes to taking pictures and the word-smithing. :)
    Josh is excellent at the word part...and, in the right light, I love taking pictures.

    We should talk.


  2. We should get together soon so I could get some pointers, I would so appreciate it. :) Lisa, You Rock!!!