Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Finding American made in America???

Ok, so I am getting ready to go on a trip for a week, so I went out to my garage to find my luggage and noticed it's been smashed to bits under a bunch of boxes,,, they have been there for who knows how long. So, because we are going on a trip, we need a new piece of luggage!! I'm thinking; I don't want to spend anymore money right now because we need it for the trip so I decided to just go to TJ MAX because I love that store and they have luggage. WELL< WELL< WELL.. Me, being the good American Citizen I try to be, I search High and Low in the luggage area for anything made in America... Nothing!! It's all made in China, Even the luggage with a name like: The American Brand or something like that has to be made in America right??? Wrong!!! We ended up buying a really nice suitcase by KENNETH COLE... A lovely case, but my question is: Why is everything thats for sale in America made in China??? Can someone please explain this to me? I think this is the reason I'm so passionate about my handmade jewerly... because I MADE IT WITH MY OWN HANDS HERE IN AMERICA.. and that means something to me. I mean, I can't claim that half the beads I use are most likely from China, they are very lovely.. I mean no offense to items made in China, but where are all the things made in America?? Are they in China??? hrmmmm....

Anyhow, that felt good to let that out.. :)

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