Sunday, October 31, 2010

Midtown Bazaar in Sacramento

The best part of going to Craft Shows / Bazaars besides hanging out with my son is meeting new people and local vendors (in my opinion). I don't really need the money, that's just a bonus (I'm very fortunate in that manner). I realize others do need the money and so, I always try to buy something from the people that call it there second income, I appreciate and DO help support handmade.

In going to the Midtown Bazaar in Sacramento for the first time yesterday, I will admit I was nervous because I have been burnt by quite a few people who call themselves Event Coordinators.. These people are eager to take your money and invite no one to the show, hell, they don't even show up... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Anyhow, back to my point..... I was a bit nervous in going to the Midtown Bazaar in Sac, but Sabrina assured me she would do anything it took to make me comfortable and as a vendor. I felt like I was appreciated and not victimized!! She came through!!! She is one of the most pleasant, dynamic, and truthful people I've met in a while when it comes to shows. It's her and Julie Morales (Napa Downtown Assn. Event Coordinator) that make this (being a vendor) all a pleasant ride!!! Thanks to you two women!! YOU ROCK!!

I also met quite a few very nice people at the Midtown Bazaar too!! What a bunch of very creative people, everyone was so welcoming and I look forward to more experiences at The Midtown Bazaar!! P.S. I loved all the costumes!!!!! :) I also met Lisa Kewish, what a very creative woman and full of great ideas, here's a link to her blog: , she has a great attitude and sees a lot of the same issues with craft shows I do. We all see the same problem: people come in with thier Chinese made items, claim they are handmade and under bid the person who actually handmade their items. We work so hard to make it.. I feel defeated sometimes!!!!. THIS SUCKS!!! And it should be left to the Flea Markets...

That's what I think... What do you think?
Thanks for listening!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Some new Scarves I have for sale at, only $10.00 each. :)

Well, I have been on a weight loss adventure for about two months now. I've dropped about 18 pds. It feels good.
Even my little blace dress fits again. :)