Monday, April 19, 2010

The Poker Run went great!! Had a lot of fun. It was my first time setting up a booth so it was really nice to have friends around to help. I found out my displays are weak at the base so I need to do something about that. Two of my jewelry stands fell and my jewelry landed in the dirt. It wasn't fun!! My only complaint is my knees hurt from trying to stand to much. Also, the table covers sucked!! So I made some new ones. :)

All in all, I think I was born to make things and be creative, I just made these table covers for my booth. They are really nice and washable!! The table covers I used at the event were plastic and meant for an indoor wedding or something. They were aweful!!! Hard to keep clean!!

So another problem we found is on our way home, stuff was literally getting ready to fly out of the back of our truck. I had a friend help bring the stuff to the event, she got called in to work so I had to throw a lot of stuff in the back of my truck that I didn't anticipate. I was flippin out thinking it was gonna fly out, it didn't thank God!! So what I did is go onto craigslist and find a really handy camper shell to cover my stuff. Then I put carpet in the back of the truck too. It's much better, and I hope it will make it easier to put stuff in and pull it back out ot the truck. I'll find out at my next event.

Another good thing that came of this event is I got invited to do another event. This new one is on June 19th and it's a fund raiser to bring awareness to child abuse, we can't wait.
Well I'm off to go make more jewelry. :)
Take care and don't forget, Support handmade!!!
Thanks, Beth

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