Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ok, so.............about me.

Beth Anne's Arts & Crafts

About me:

I have always been kind of artistic. I loved to draw when I was in high school, it let me express my feelings. I noticed that if I could think of it, I could draw it. In my case a lot of the images I was thinking were kind of creepy, like sharp teeth, blood, roses that were bleeding, etc,. I actually won first place in a drawing contest with my bleeding rose picture. :) too my surprise. Anyhow, back to the point: I soon switched my artistic abilities into guitar were I couldn't get enough, I played and played until my fingers were tough, then I got married and had children.

There the guitar sat in the corner collecting dust for literally years. My two older children are all grown up now, and my youngest is 13, so I have a bit of time to do some crafting and creating to let out some of my pent up artisticness (is that actually a word?). So, I decided to start doing some research online and I bumped into beading by accident.. OMG, I'm hooked. So, now I have been making jewelry left and right, buying beads galore and loving every minute of my life. :) Not like I ever hated it...but, now I feel complete.

After making jewelry for a little while, I was in the craft store and noticed all the beautiful material for sewing and thought, oh my goodness that too could let me vent my artistic abilities too, into something else. So, I went out and bought myself a sewing machine and started sewing purses out of recycled jeans, old shirts, nick nacks, etc,. Not only does this allow me to be creative, I am also getting rid of jeans I bought and never wore, my kids clothing they outgrew, cool scarves and ties not used in years. I guess you could say I am recycling which makes me feel good too..

Here's a few of my projects so far:

Well, I am off to a few doctors appointments, I just recieved a box from UPS, my Cricut Create is here, YES!!!! I will be posting more art I've created soon..

Until next time, good bye :) !!

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